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Officers from the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection have seized 25 animals from a wildlife park in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

An emergency investigation, prompted by a camel killing a man on Monday, revealed the park had no documentation proving the legal origin and ownership of any of the animals seized.

Authorities seized 13 spider monkeys, 6 whitetail deer, 2 emus, 2 llamas, 1 pig and 1 camel.

Richard Mileski, who was the owner of the park, died after a 600 kg camel kicked him and then sat on him.

“The camel kicked and bit him practically to death, and when he was almost dead, he sat on him,” explained Tulum Civil Defense official Alberto Canto. “Between the blows and the weight of the camel on top of him, he was asphyxiated.”

“Richard lost his life caring for one of the animals that he has dedicated the last 15 year of his life to saving,” posted the park on their Facebook Page.

“Richard founded the Tulum Monkey Sanctuary on his ranch in order to help rescue an endangered species, the spider monkey, from extinction.

“But he did not limit himself to helping the monkeys for his compassion ran the entire range of species from dogs to ducks and horses to javali.”

The animals will remain in the park under ‘administrative custody’ while authorities decide what will happen with them.

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