A man in Cordoba, Argentina was arrested after a photographer took pictures of him dragging his dog with a bike and alerted the police.

Juan Marcelo Cáceres was leaving work on Saturday in Villa Allende when he came across a man dragging an exhausted and injured Argentinian Dogo and started documenting the incident with his camera.

After taking a few pictures for proof, he asked the man to stop. The 71-year-old replied that he had taken him to the vet while he urged the dog to get up and keep walking.

“I saw a dog fell down from exhaustion in front of my eyes. He was chained to a motorcycle. After so much running, he couldn’t resist anymore. He was really tired and his four legs were burned by the asphalt. He couldn’t stand. He was dragged about 3 meters and the man continued to drive like nothing was happening.

“When he realized I had called to police he tried to hide him and leave. I followed him until police officers arrived and took him in.

“After making a difference, I continued my journey. Three blocks later I say blood stains on the street.” Cáceres wrote on his Facebook page.

“I hope I never run into someone like this again. Today a made a difference in my own way. I used my tool, I used my voice, I made justice happen…”

The dog was hospitalized immediately.

All images from Juan Marcelo Cáceres Facebook.







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  • Travis J

    We can all make a difference! Well done

  • Judy Dixon Gabaldon

    Where is this dog now? How is he doing? Will he go to a safe and good home?

  • Cheri Nelson

    So proud of you for using your voice..for doing the right thing! Thank you from all the voiceless animals!

  • Irish Cornaire

    Thankye Juan Marcelo Cáceres for doing the right thing,ye saved this dogs life!

  • Nohemi Dominguez

    A los maltratadores de animales y de niños se les debe de castigar con la pena de muerte. Es necesario darles escarmientos para que los demás posibles maltratadores lo piensen antes de maltratarlos.

  • Joanne Kelly

    fucking ass hole I would of dragged the fucking fat bastard that did that to the poor innocent dog..

  • Robin Banks

    Why is that piece of scum still standing? he should have been tied to the back of the police car and dragged to the police station.