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Four hunters have been arrested in Spain after uploading a video of an agonizing deer to Facebook.

The video showed the men posing next to the dying deer, who was chased by hunting dogs and then finished off with a knife.

The video angered the entire community in Huelva, which prompted a quick investigation resulting in the four arrests.

The Civil Guard also searched the homes of all detainees where they found the deer featured in the video and two other animals, 6 illegal weapons, 10 kg of marijuana, over 200 kg of venison and boar meat and the remains of almost 100 animals, mostly non-game birds.

Authorities also discovered and seized 26 illegal traps and snares and prescription veterinary drugs. The ownership and use of their more than 30 hunting dogs and 4 horses are currently under investigation.

All men were charged with crimes against wildlife, one also for illegal possession of weapons and another one also for public health issues.

On top of the four arrests, 110 administrative complaints were written and more arrests are expected in the upcoming days under ‘Operation Tyson’.

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