The sate of Sao Paulo has banned fur farms and the breeding of fur animals with the purpose of extracting their furs.

Brazil is one of the biggest chinchilla producers in the world. According to the government’s statement, the proposal seeks to preserve mainly chinchillas, but also other animals used in the industry such as rabbits, foxes, minks, badgers, seals, squirrels and coyotes.

“All this cruelty makes fashion that uses animal fur immoral and unjustifiable,” read the government’s statement.

The law states a fine of more than $10.000 reais per animal or 500 Tax Units of the State of Sao Paulo for those who ignore the law, and double the amount in case of repetition.

The Association of Breeders of Chinchillas said in a statement: “Thousands of workers will be left without a job in Sao Paulo and an industry with half a century of history will end in the state.

“All this because of totally misleading and erroneous justifications based on the false belief that chinchillas were suffering.”

“All the thousands of chinchillas used for breeding and their offspring will have to be euthanised or will die from starvation due to lack of resources for maintenance in no more than a 60-day period.”

Animal testing for cosmetics, perfumes and personal hygiene is also banned in the state since January.

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