Circus involving animal performances are now banned in Funchal, Portugal.

“The mayor is very sensitive towards animal causes and is an enlightened person, so it was not difficult for him to accept this proposal,” said Fernando Rodrigues, regional coordinator of PAN (People, Animals, Nature Committee).

Rodrigues hopes the decision will have a “domino effect” and invited “other chambers of the country do the same.”

From now on, the independent council of Funchal will license circuses that wish to operate in the city with the exception of those including animal shows. “The decision is final and lasts at least until the end of the term.”

The council is also committed to ending the capture and retention of birds of prey, such as eagles and owl, to be photographed with tourists on the streets.

Portugal has a nationwide ban restricting the use of great apes in circuses and the acquisition and breeding of CITES listed species.

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