A Yonkers man, 60, has been arrested for hanging 25 dead cats from trees in April last year.

Rene Carcamo, held on $5,000 bail, was charged for with illegally disposing of dead cats, which were found hanging inside plastic bags.

According to tests ran last year on the cats, the cats were killed before being hanged, several of them with blows to the head.

Carcamo’s involvement in the killings could not be proved.

Ernest Lungaro with the SPCA said: ‘That’s what we’re able to prove, that he was hanging them.’

Carcamo was also charged with two counts of animal cruelty failing to provide medical attention to two kittens Lungaro found in his property severely neglected and sick.

After the arrest, the SPCA removed 5 more cats from Carcamo’s property.


Rene Carcamo



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