A total of 1020 rhinos have been killed in South Africa so far this year hitting record numbers, IFAW reported.

“We are fast reaching the tipping point for the future viability of rhinoceros,” Director Southern Africa for IFAW Jason Bell said.

“It is more necessary than ever that South Africa reaches out to the international community for help in combating this appalling slaughter. Only by eliminating demand for rhino horn can we possible hope to slow the slaughter.

“IFAW believes South Africa should stand together with the international community in putting pressure on countries like Vietnam and China, which are consumers of rhino horn, elephant ivory and other wildlife, to do everything possible to eliminate demand.”

The Kruger National Park holds the biggest number of deaths with 672 rhinos poached in the park in 2014.

According to the Department of Environmental Affairs, a total of 344 people involved in rhino poaching were arrested this year.

The Department estimates that US$19 billion are made in the illegal wildlife trade business per year.

“The Government and SANParks should be applauded for the effort they have put into addressing the crisis on the ground, but they need to focus their attention on the criminal syndicates involved in the slaughter of South Africa’s rhinos and, to do that, they need to work with their international counterparts,” Bell added.

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