The Environmental Protection Office of Coahuila (Propaec) has closed down a circus for illegally exhibiting more than 180 animals.

The new law banning animal circuses in Coahuila came into effect only last week after being approved in September.

Authorities visited Barley circus thanks to an anonymous tip and shut it down for the exhibition of 156 exotic animals and 25 horses and camels.

“Article 20 of the Protection and Decent Treatment of Animals Law prohibits the exhibition of animals in circuses and establishes a fine of 25-10000 minimum wage salaries, so we must assess what’s appropriate” said Emilio Darwich Garza with the Propaec.

The legal representative of Barley, Arturo Mendez Preciado, explained they believed the new law would come into effect on November 23rd and they were not told that it was already in action.

Mendez Preciado said it was the government’s fault for not letting people know about the current laws and that if they’d know they wouldn’t have been there.

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