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The Salt Lake City Council has unanimously voted to ban horse-drawn carriages in the city, excepting parades and ‘free-expression’ activities.

The new law comes over a year after 13-year-old Jerry collapsed on a downtown street in SLC and died shortly after, provoking an unstopping campaign by animal lovers to end the business. To date, a petition to ban the carriages had exceeded 30,000 signatures.

Months of campaigning worked and the only horse-drawn carriage company in the city closed down in September. Now the council has voted to ban future companies from settling.

“We believe the times have changed and horses don’t belong on busy city streets,” said Gene Baierschmidt, director of the Humane Society of Utah.

“Dozens of accidents from across the country have left pedestrians injured and horses dead,” said Matt Bruce with PETA.

“Just this past July in Chicago, five people, four of whom were children, were injured when an SUV collided with a carriage and sent the carriage driver sailing through the air.

“Chaotic city streets are no place for horses, and no amount of regulation can protect the public when a spooked horse bolts into traffic.”

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