romeojulietAfter a dog was shot 38 times with a poisonous led pellet gun and left for dead in a ditch in Zakynthos, another dog did everything she could to save his life.

The dog stayed with her friend for three days without food or water while trying to call for help. She barked and tried to get the attention of passers-by, until finally someone saw the dying dog with his head barely above the water and called a vet.

The pair was later moved to England thanks to volunteer donations to start a new life together. They were renamed Romeo and Juliet by the Holbrook Animal Rescue staff in West Sussex.

Laura Santini with the rescue centre said: “He got shot and was in danger but I think she would have starved before leaving him. She was there for three days and that is a long time for a dog not to eat.

“He was underwater, he was dying and it was dismal. It is amazing the vets managed to save him.”

Santini thinks they were both strays who lived together on the streets of the Greek island because she’s never seen such a bond before between two dogs.

If you’re interested in giving the lovely couple their well deserved forever home, please contact Holbrook Animal Rescue here.

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    We should all learn a thing or two from dogs