Animal rights organization PETA UK have teamed up with East London based apparel company Black Score for a collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts. The campaign features 10 pieces, all of which promote an ethical treatment of animals, something both PETA and Black Score aim to work towards.

PETA are known for their controversial methods of communicating, and this is no different – many of the designs feature striking messages such as ‘Fuck Animal Testing’ and ‘I Ain’t Your Purse, Bitch’ which may seem extreme to some, but conveys the importance of animal rights in a humorous way, typical of Black Score’s designs.

The man behind the designs, Simeon Farrar, recently told Vogue that working for PETA was a “true honour” and that he was excited to be “raising the middle finger for the animal kingdom.”

Black Score are highly popular amongst celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora; let’s hope they can use this affiliation to promote the message PETA so desperately want people to hear.

The full collection can be found by clicking here. Proceeds from the sale of each item go towards helping fund PETA in the vital work they do, with prices ranging from £30-£60.




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