Upon first look this video seems brutal and violent, but by the end I was glad I sat through it.

Sadly, the mother shark was found dead on the beach, no use in filming that, until passers by noticed movement coming from within the sharks stomach.

I had always assumed that sharks were oviparous, meaning they lay eggs like other fish, and was shocked to discover that they can also be viviparous. This means their young are born alive.

Now you’d think that cutting the pups free and throwing them back into the ocean would be futile, in that there would be no way they could survive without their mother, but you’d be wrong- Sharks do not rear their young and in fact leave them to fend for themselves straight from birth as they are fully functional, unlike us humans.

In short, the good Samaritan in this video that went viral saved the baby shark’s lives.

Let’s all hope they’re out there now, swimming free.

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