The Israeli army will start offering vegan meals to vegan soldiers on all bases, reported the army weekly Bamahane.

Until now, vegan soldiers were given an extra hundred shekels a month to purchase their food but soldiers often complaint that it was not enough and that together with the ban on bringing food from home made things very difficult.

The army took the issue very seriously and quickly changed it ways. “I believe the right to food is a basic right,” said Maj. Gen. Yitzhak Brik to The Times of Israel. “And that it is only right that the IDF take the needs of the vegan community into account — as it does those of other communities.”

Brik said that they will start providing separate storage for vegan foods such as tofu and lentil and corn burgers.

Vegan soldiers will also have the option to be given non-leather boots and berets.

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  • Travis J

    Excellent news! Hope other countries follow!