Chinese authorities discovered nearly 48 wild apes inside bags in the trunk of a car in Guangxi destined to be sold for meat, fur items and traditional medicine.

Animal traffickers had caught in the wild and were transporting 28 red slender loris and 9 macaques. The two men were arrested and are facing poaching and animal trafficking charges.

“These monkeys were bagged and ready to be butchered,” said forestry committee spokesman Kwok Ching. “They almost looked like stuffed toys in their bags, except for the fact that they were moving.”

“Their meat is highly prized for traditional medicine purposes, and their skin and bones are then ground down as potions. Their fur is used for exotic trimming to clothing.”

All animals were checked by a vet and later released back into the wild, except one who had suffocated inside the gauze sack while in transport.

Images from China Daily


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