At least six lions were killed by Maasai and Waarusha herders in the northern Babati District, Tanzania after the animals attacked their livelihood.

Over ten lions are guessed to have come out of Tarangire National Park and found the donkeys in a stable. After finding the dead donkeys, some 300 people went after them for revenge with bows and arrows and at least one gun.

Two lions were apparently shot and four were speared to death. Four tribesmen were injured. According to Lion Guardians, lion parts were collected as trophies to be sold.

Details and confirmations about the story are still incoming. Authorities said they are investigating the case to find those responsible for the killing as lions are considered an endangered species and are thus protected by law.

Researcher Bernard Kissui estimates that 226 lions have been killed in the area between 2004-2013. According to LionAid, the government has never tried to solve the conflict and help the tribes living close to the park until this story broke out internationally.

“There has been widespread condemnation of the Maasai for killing the lions. But what is not discussed could be the underlying problem. The Maasai living in the area receive little compensation for wildlife damage but are expected to tolerate wildlife. The Maasai get no compensation for wildlife grazing on their lands or spreading diseases to their cattle. The Maasai are not involved in revenue sharing from the Tarangire National Park income. The Maasai have suffered livestock losses due to predators over very many years. The Maasai have not been consulted for their opinion about resolution of the conflict until this internationally broadcast incident occurred – and now the government is finally calling meetings.”

LionAid said they will be proposing their LionAid livestock predator deterrent/compensation scheme to the Tanzanian government to help address and prevent this tyoe of situations from happening again in the future.

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