An Air Force veteran has been charged with two felony counts of aggravated battery and two misdemeanor counts of resisting a peace officer after he desperately tried to enter his burning house to rescue his dog who was still inside.

Chicagoan Samuel Lee Bassett, 48, started fighting the peace officers for not letting him go into the house and save his dog. Bassett was handcuffed after hitting an officer in the face but he still managed to hit two others.

“They kept trying to keep him out of the building ’cause it was unsafe for him to go in,” said Deputy Fire Commissioner Mark Nielsen. “He wanted to go in.”

The dog was found dead inside the home after the fire was put out.

The fire broke out on Friday evening after a combustible material ignited spontaneously.

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  • Travis J

    I would’ve hit them too!

  • Incredibleq Ladee

    I read this somewhere else too and I support the man. I would have gone crazy to get my dog out.

  • Nohemi Dominguez

    Déjenlo libre, si agredió a los policías fue por la desesperación de salvar a su ser querido.