A bull was brutally stabbed, beaten and kicked to death by dozens of people who entered the ring in a Colombian festival.

It is common and allowed in many cities of the country for spectators to enter the ring during bullfights and start killing the animal with whatever they have including axes, machetes, bottles, stones, screwdrivers.

In the video the people can be seen taunting and chasing the animal until he finally gives up to exhaustion, despair and fear and the mob start beating, kicking, jumping on and stabbing and cutting him until he dies.

National animal rights organizations are asking the government to take action against everyone involved and are campaigning for this tradition to be made history.

“The state’s intervention is needed because, even though traditions should be respected, they must be updated to reduce the suffering of animals,” said public defender Jorge Otarola who described the footage as “Dante-esque, painful and inhumane.”

After the video became news worldwide, the Ministry of Justice started an investigation to identify those responsible in the barbaric attack and charge them with animal cruelty. The Ministry of Culture later released a statement asking for a public debate about whether this type of festivals should continue to be permitted or not.

The Mayor of Turbaco, where the festival was held, defended the festival saying it is tradition and that animals are always beaten and killed, including horses. “These are the kinds of incidents that form part of the traditions and customs of such festivals,” he said.

It seems somewhat strange that a country that has banned animal circuses for being cruel to wild animals behind closed doors still hangs on to a blood sport where animals are visibly and publicly tortured just for the sake of ‘tradition’. The country’s capital also has bans against bullfighting and horse carts.

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