Fundación Vidanimal

A 30-year-old man from La Pampa, Argentina apparently thought it was a good idea to leave his three dogs alone, one tied up in the garden while he went on vacation.

The one left tied up died of dehydration and sun exposure. According to some neighbours, he got entangled with the chain and couldn’t reach the food.

The dogs were found after suspecting neighbours started smelling something rotten coming from the property. The man had left a pile of meat which had started to rot and together with the smell of the dead dog the stench became unbearable and the neighbours reported it to the police.

“One dog was decomposed and the other two were barely moving, they were terrified. There was no water near them, just a pile of rotting flesh. Police were quick and went with us to the house as soon as the judge granted the warrant. The complaint was made by two neighbours who smelt the stench,” explained Norma Álvarez of the Vidanimal Foundation where the animals are being cared for.

“Hopefully when the man comes back from vacation authorities won’t give him back the animals because he clearly has no respect for the lives of these dogs,” Álvarez added.

Law 14346 in Argentina punishes animal cruelty with up to one year in prison.

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