Admittedly the majority of us have visited zoos, aquariums and the like. My visits to such places have been based on wanting to gain first hand experience of beautiful, endangered creatures that are mainly held at the site on a breeding programme.

Unfortunately, not all of the animals in places like these are living in suitable conditions as demonstrated in the petition for the Penguins at SEALIFE London Aquarium.

Unlike SeaWorld, this petition is not to get the chain of aquariums closed down due to unreasonable cruelty but simply to move these birds to a better environment as they are currently underground receiving no natural light or fresh air and going without enough space to keep them from boredom or a sense of freedom.

I’ve signed the petition and you can too! It’s completely free, however there is an option to contribute to help spread the message even further.

Let’s save some penguins!

Click here to sign.

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