Huellitas en mi Corazón

Huellitas en mi Corazón

Animal welfare organization Huellitas en tu Corazón (Paws in your Heart) has rescued a dog after being alerted she was heard wailing and crying after being raped in a town near Cusco, Peru.

Volunteers spent two days investigating and trying to find the dog. Neighbours said the place where the dog was eventually found was used as an illegal underground bar usually visited by not very pleasant people.

To the surprise of volunteers, the whole abuse had been taped by another person at the bar. Volunteers went to confront the abuser and were met with anger and hostility. Neighbours didn’t know his name or where he lived, only that he was a regular costumer.

Finally they took the dog to the vet for a full examination. “He presented muscle tears in the anus,” said the organization president Esthepani Barrón Salvatierra. The poor animal also suffered a fracture in her hip due to the attack.

Section 450 of the Peruvian Penal Code establishes fines for those who commit acts of cruelty against animals, but unfortunately it doesn’t have any laws regarding bestiality.

“Our Penal Code does not penalize the act, only states is a lack of ‘good values’,” explained Salvatierra.

“We are outraged. If they do this to a pet, imagine what they can do to a child, a teenager or an adult. Authorities need to do something, be more strict and punish these illegal premises and these people.”

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  • Judy Rodrigues

    This is horrible. The attacker deserves to have his penis cut off and shove down his throat!!!! His family must be so proud!!!!

  • cewing2301

    then its time to change your laws, don’t you think????? and since she was injured you still have a case against the scum