The Venezuelan airline Aserca has fired 15 employees for losing a dog on Christmas Eve after news went viral thanks to the owner.

The passenger Llamileth Pinto and his partner had plans to go with their dog Kamila from Caracas to Puerto La Cruz when they learned upon arrival that the airline had lost the dog.

Pinto immediately began a campaign on social media asking for help to find Kamila and thousands of people joined the search.

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The tweet reads: “help me 24 hours ago @asercaairlines lost my pet flight 747 maiquetia-pto ordaz and they haven’t answered me”




“I’m not looking for compensation, I am looking for my pet, which is a part of my life, she is a living being who deserved to be treated right,” Pinto said.

Airport staff said they saw the Schnauzer for the last time near the landing runways.

Pinto and her partner stayed at the Simón Bolívar airport for days waiting for Kamila to appear.

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