Animal Liberation Front members have set fire to a research lab in Argentina and freed all the animals.

Activists broke into La Plata University at night, liberated 26 cats, 10 guinea pigs and 15 rats and set fire to 2 animal facilities.

ALF wrote on their magazine Bite Back:

“Progress and science have been declared enemies of nature and freedom, managed for those who possess power and want to keep it on their side no matter what it takes. A fundamental part of its development is the separation of humans from the rest of nature, and one of the practices to generate its development is the incarceration and use of animals. We decided to start a fierce campaign against animal testing in particular at the National University of La Plata, where they experiment with cats, guinea pigs and other animals.

“To do this we found fire and violence both necessary and tactical, but which is nothing compared to what they exercise against nonhuman animals, who they kidnap and on whom they experiment.
We will not stop the fire, intimidation or whatever means are necessary, and the reason why is because animal testing is not safe and viable.

“To provide evidence of this, we liberated every cat, guinea pig and mouse in one of the animal research facilities at the National University of La Plata, and then set fire to the facility.

“This act will not be isolated, we will continue until they realize that every action has a consequence. We will not stop until the exploitation is stopped.

“We encourage stalking, intimidation and destruction of these and all exploiters of animals.

“Happy new year exploiters!”

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