The Animal Liberation Front is a leaderless resistance with activists all over the world working anonymously to free abused animals mostly in fur farms, factory farms and labs and to cause “economic damage to those who profit from the misery and exploitation of animals.”

During the past five weeks, they have liberated animals in England, Australia, Italy, United States, Denmark, Austria.

In early December, over 30 turkeys were liberated from a farm in the south of England and some 50 chickens were liberated from a battery hen facility in western Austrlia

A mink fur farm was targeted in Italy later that month and about 800 mink were freed. ALF claims minks were released from their cages in that farm at least twice before.

An Oregon Fish and Wildlife game bird exhibit had a pen cut open in late December and 3 ringneck pheasants were able to escape.

An Argentine University lab was their latest target this week where all the animals were liberated. Read more here.

ALF is also focused on disrupting ‘cruel business’. During the past month they have targeted farms, slaughterhouses and stores in Finland, Germany, Israel, Ireland, among others.

McDonald’s stores had windows smashed in Finland and Israel. Fur shops were covered in paint and locks were glued at butcher shops and a fish shop in Germany.

Most recently, a mink fur farm in Denmark was targeted this week. According to ALF, the cameras were destroyed, and the place was graffitied and covered in paint bombs. “Most of the mink were dye in red or orange non-toxic hair dye, rendering the pelt useless. The conditions were very bad.”


Denmark mink farm. ALF

Denmark mink farm. ALF

Denmark mink farm. ALF

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