Guiyang Evening News]

Guiyang Evening News

A Chinese man was recently visited by a monkey he rescued over four years ago, local media reported.

Xiao Zhijian, 50, was working in the Mayang River Nature Reserve where he lives in Guizhou Province, when he spotted a small troop of monkeys sitting in front of his house. After getting a little closer he recognized one of the monkeys.

The two had met in 2010 when Xiao was on the hills one day and saw that a little Francois’ langur was caught in a trap placed by hunters. Xiao saved him, treated him and gave him shelter until he was ready to get back into the wild a few months later, Xiao told Guiyang Evening News.

According to, the Mayang River Nature Reserve is the world’s largest habitat for Francois’ langurs with about 800 of them.

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