Save Our Strays

Save Our Strays


A one-eyed stray dog was allegedly seen running some 10 km alongside runners at the Mumbai Marathon on Sunday, reported local media.

The dog disappeared before anyone could rescue him. Animal welfare organization Save Our Strays was informed of the dog and is now looking for him.

“One of the marathon runners took a picture of the dog and informed us about him having followed them from Shivaji Park to Dadar. Several residents informed us that they have often seen the dog as it lives near a Ganpati temple in the area,” said Rinki Karmakar with Save Our Strays.

“We will be sending a search team to the area to find him. He is in unfamiliar territory, so he must be scared and trying to hide. Once we find him, he will be rehabilitated.”

According to Facebook user Rekha Dixit, he responds to the names Vitoo and Ekanksh.

If anyone finds him the organization is asking to please whatsapp them on 9821327618.

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