All dog owners, especially the first timers, often wonder about the essentials required before adopting a dog. There are two types of dog supplies- necessary and optional ones. Welcoming a dog to the house brings extra responsibilities in addition to the excitement of having a new member in the family. To be a responsible dog owner, it is expected from you that you know about the nuts and bolts of dog keeping. But if you are unaware of essential dog supplies, then we will make things easier for you. Please go through the list below to read about the essential dog supplies for first time dog owners.

Dog Food
Dog food is one of the most important things you must have when bringing a new dog home. Dog owners should take various factors into consideration when buying appropriate food for your pet dog as the food you buy will eventually decide the health of your pet. There are a lot of choices in the market when you go out for buying dog food, so it is advised to educate yourself by doing some initial research. Note that the diet of your dog will change with time. A six-month-old puppy will have a different nutritional requirement than a two-year-old dog. And older dogs may have different requirements depending on their breed. Good nutrition and hygienic preparation are two factors which should not be compromised when buying dog food.

Dog Harnesses and Collars
Dog harnesses and collars are quite necessary for the safety of dogs. They ensure that your dog is not lost anywhere, as you can attach a license and an identity tag to it. Depending on your needs, there are various collar and harness options available to choose from. The collar is easier to put on and if your canine companion is big in size, a collar is a better option as you may not be able to stop larger dogs from trying to run after something if they are on a harness. On the other hand, a harness can be used for all kinds of pups and small dogs. Furthermore, a harness is a good option for sick dogs and certain dog breeds that have neck, throat or breathing problems. You should never use collars on small puppies because they have a weak neck and an adventurous attitude.

Water and Food Bowl
You will require two bowls when you take a pet dog home, one for water and other one for food. In fact, water and food bowls are one of the most important supplies you will need as a dog owner. Bowls made up of ceramic or stainless steel are good for your dog. Try to avoid plastic bowls as your dog may chew them and they are not easy to clean.

Dog Toys
It is a well established fact that dogs do enjoy toys. Toys are a significant part of development for your pet dog. When going off to buying new toys for your dog, you should think about what your dog likes to do. A dog can play with a toy, chew it or rip it apart. Plastic and plush toys, discs, dog puzzles and interactive toys, may be some of the options your dog would love to play with. There are endless options! But don’t invest unnecessarily in toys without paying attention to your dog’s behaviour first.

Dog Leashes
Buying a leash for your dog carries a lot of significance. One of the options is retractable leashes, which consist of a cable enfolded around a spring-loaded device. Retractable leashes are advised because they offer dogs more freedom while on walks but are still under the control of the owner. You may also choose funky leashes that look good on your dog! Dogs will need training on how to walk on a leash and training leashes are also available to make it easier.

Dog Beds
Your own bed or couch may be a place for your dog to sleep on, but it’s not perfect. A well crafted dog bed is also necessary for dogs, especially older ones. Dog beds are available in many designs and sizes in the market, and you can select one according to your requirements. Dog beds should be soft and comfortable. Standard dog beds, nest dog beds, and orthopaedic dog beds are just some of the options. For maintaining hygienics, buy a washable bed or a washable cover for it.

Dog Crates
Dog crates are like a cosy cave for your dog. Dogs actually like a private place where they can feel secure and relax. Dog crates may be made up of wood, wire or plastic. Most dog owners prefer wire or plastic crates as wire crates offer good ventilation and plastic ones are easy to clean. You can also cover the crate with a blanket or towel in winter months for warmth. Size is an important factor to consider when buying a dog crate. You should select a crate big enough so that dog can easily stand up and turn around inside it. Dog crates are also useful when taking your dog on a trip.

Dog Grooming Supplies
Dogs get dirty easily as their hair gathers dust very quickly. Because of this, every dog requires some degree of grooming. The grooming equipment required for your dog heavily depends on their coat type. Your dog will require brush or comb, coat clipper or scissors, shampoo and conditioner, nail trimmer, and doggy toothbrush & toothpaste as basic grooming supplies. You can select bristle brush, wire pin brush, flea combs, or slicker brushes depending on your pet’s coat. There are various types of nail clippers available, such as plier-style trimmers, guillotine trimmers or scissor-like trimmers that make the nail-trimming experience easier. Several types of shampoos, conditioners and ear cleansers are also available in the market for basic grooming. You can also always take your dog to a grooming salon once in a while but it’s important to keep it up at home.

There are numerous things your dog might need in its life, but with the list of supplies mentioned above you will be able to care for your dog adequately and enjoy a responsible pet ownership. Also, it is important to take your pet to the veterinarian as soon as you get it as they may suggest specific nutrition and grooming options according to your pet’s requirements. Proper preparation and planning, along with these essential supplies, will help you strengthen your relation with your new pet.

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