A new law has come into effect in Brazil banning pet shops from displaying animals in cages to passers-by .

The new law by the National Council of Veterinary bans pets stores from keeping the animals in cages next to their windows.

The law also requires a veterinarian to be on-site every day, a law that is already in place but not enforced.

The law is meant to ensure the animals well-being by “providing them an environment free from excessive noise and pollution, with proper lighting, and protected from the weather or situations that cause stress to the animals.”

President of the Animal Rights Defence Committee, Rosangela Damiani, said: “From now on, the veterinarian should do his job more firmly, but also calmly. He will be responsible for addressing any complications with the animals, and if he notices any problems in the handling of the pets during a bath, for example, he must notify the owner of the establishment. If nothing is done, the veterinarian must then notify the Council.”

If the veterinarian fails to protect the animals his licence could be revoked from 3 to 12 months.

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