Over 600 birds, sea lions, turtles and whales have been found dead in Baja California, Mexico.

During routine tours this month inspectors found over 550 ducks and other birds, 14 whales (13 calves and 1 adult,) 16 turtles and 4 sea lions.

The deaths are being investigated by the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, the Marine Department and the Food Quality and Safety Agency, who raised a fence on the affected areas until they are cleaned and thoroughly inspected. The National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries, the Public Health Services Institute and the Municipal Delegation of San Felipe are also helping in the investigation.

Experts believe variations in water temperatures are to blame for the birds deaths. Fish were forced to move to deepest waters for survival and birds can no longer rely on them as their main food source.

The deaths of the 13 baby whales are thought to be due to abandonment or because they got lost or separated from their mothers somehow, which is a normal site during this season. Baby whales need up to 200 litres of milk every day or can die of malnourishment easily.

The turtles are thought to have died from hypothermia due to low temperatures. Last year 17 turtles died in the same area during the same period and for the same reason.

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