The new Responsible Pet Ownership Program in Chile aims to spay and neuter more than 55,000 animals in 67 municipalities during the first half of the year.

The program, monitored by the Under-secretary of Regional Development, will start at the end of February and will take care of pets and stray animals alike.

“We had planned to work in 40 municipalities, but given the interest we had we extended it to 67,” said Program Coordinator Ignacio Moncayo.

It will also help in creating the first cats and dogs registry in the country to have a more exact idea of how many pets and strays Chile has.

“We have made some estimates, but we will perfect them with the information to be collected, because today there is no census of dogs or cats, no national surveys. Therefore, what we will do is move forward with large volumes, we will work until 2017, covering 20% of the population of dogs and cats in the country, and our idea is to create impact on those municipalities,” Moncayo explained.

“Our overall program, which lasts until 2017, will cater to dogs and cats, with and without owners, male and female, that’s our goal. It is open to all pets, we will not distinguish whether or not they have owners. In fact, the animals that have no owner, that are part of a community, that have a good health condition, also reproduce. Animals like these are our main focus to start declining the stray animals rates.”

The dogs and cats treated in the program will also be microchipped “to allow us to go forward with the national single registry,” Moncayo added.


Image by JeffreyW

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