Garbage collectors in Mexico City were filmed throwing an injured dog into the garbage truck instead of helping him.

On the YouTube video, two men, who were cleaning where the injured animal was lying on the street wailing in pain and in urgent need of medical attention, are seen picking him up and putting him with the rest of the garbage.

A voice in the video can be heard saying ‘Take him, he will die anyway and tomorrow will be here stinking,’ so the men obey and put the dog in a box before throwing him in the truck.

The violent act was all done in front of a child who told the men not to grab the dog’s ears because they hurt, so one of the men grabbed him by the tail and put him in the box.

There’s no information regarding the state of the dog or what happened later.

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  • Travis J


  • Gabriole Van Bryce

    Why didn’t the person filming it DO something???

  • Tim Smith

    OMG that poor dog!! Exactly, Gabriole, why didn’t one of the idiots who were standing there DO something? Those stupid mexicans. They are disgusting and the choose to live that way. That broom would have found its way up that collector’s rear-end if I could have been there.