The International Animal Rescue (IAR) organization has rescued a tiny baby orangutan in Indonesia who was forced to live in a chicken cage the first year of his life.

Authorities from Ketapang informed the IAR Orangutan Rescue Centre that a woman was willing to surrender her pet orangutan in December and that it was very ill. A rescue team of 4 people from the Agency for Natural Resources Conservation, the Gunung Palung National Park and IAR immediately started a 10-hour-long journey by boat and road to rescue Budi.


The rescue team learned that Budi had been living off only condensed milk since the owner got him at around 2-months-old and spent his days in a chicken cage. Budi obviously developed anaemia and was severely malnourished and in pain.

“Budi had spent more than 10 months in a chicken cage, drinking only condensed milk,” said IAR Dr Ayu Handayani. “The owner said that she was afraid to give Budi any fruits and thought that giving condensed milk would be sufficient.”

“We cannot even imagine how much pain this small baby has suffered”, said IAR Programme Director Dr Karmele L Sanchez. “His eyes fill with tears every time he’s moved by the doctors and he screams in pain. It’s really amazing that Budi has been able to survive this long.”

“At the moment we are still worried for his life and trying to minimise his pain. But Budi is a very strong little baby and he is fighting very hard to survive,” Karmele added.

Budi has been making real progress since arriving at the IAR Centre and receiving non-stop care. He can now sit on his own for shorts periods of time and even hold a bottle to feed himself if it’s not too full.

“It is heartbreaking to watch how exhausted he gets by doing a seemingly simple task. He breathes heavily, sometimes cries and typically falls right to sleep.”

Budi’s malnutrition has also left him with a metabolic disease that affects his bones and has left him deformed. Vets still don’t know if the damage is permanent or not.

Please consider helping IAR give Budi the care he deserves. Click here to donate or text Budi10 £10 to 70070 if in the UK.

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