Battersea Old Windor

Battersea Old Windor

Buiscuit has been finally adopted after being taken in as a stray by the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home at Old Windsor in February 2013.

During his two years at Battersea, he saw 4,900 friends leave to their forever homes and was rejected 5,000 by potential owners.

Finally Biscuit’s luck changed last week when Gemma and Darren Hunt decided to adopt the dog that needed it the most after losing their beloved dog 8 years ago.

“The loss is still very painful, but we rehomed Biscuit because we promised ourselves if we took on another dog it would be one that needed us the most – and Biscuit turned out to be that dog,” Gemma Hunt said.

“Now he’s very much a part of our family and we love him to bits. Biscuit makes big steps every day. He’s so clever, loving and willing to learn and it makes him a joy to be around.

“He loves to cuddle up on the sofa, and even knows in the evening that when his blanket comes out that it’s his time to snuggle.

“I know we have an unbreakable bond. Who couldn’t fall for a face like his.”

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