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I decided a while ago, actually it was my 2014 resolution, that I would be a vegan that people instantly warm to. I would be glowing and radiant with the message. I even planned to be a body builder… HA! that didn’t quite happen on account that I am a lazy cow! But it is so hard because we are now becoming an actual ‘thing’ and people are so shit scared!

Scared that we may take over the world.
Scared that we may invade their homes and replace their steaks with a cabbage.
Scared that we will take away their jerky and replace it with cashews.
Scared we will donate their leather handbag and replace it with a hemp string carrier.
Scared that we will strip naked, turn off the TV and meditate.
Scared we will replace their beloved Rover with Daisy the Dairy cow and 12 rescued chickens.

God, the list could quite literally go on. And yes, that world actually seems OK to me! But fear not meat and dairy lovers, we will not do that. What we will do is replace your food with exactly the same tasting food but without death involved.


I noticed today that the milk companies are trying very desperately (check out this article on new social media plans by the dairy industry) to make us look unhealthy and incorrect. Note that the meat industry gave up their propaganda a long time ago, it is of no use, they can no longer convince us that supermodels eat sausage and bacon!

But *Ta Da* here comes the dairy industry to wreck our day!

On Twitter there is an account called @milklife… go there at your own risk. Of course it is full of lies and propaganda and it hurts my head to see what is on there.

Let us examine the picture on the right for example:milkr

First off, most vegans are relatively healthy in comparison to those who consume animal products and vegans are also more interested in health because it is a natural process that happens.

We see the changes in our bodies and we realize that what we eat is the whole secret, it is the everything to how we feel on the inside and look on the outside. Fuel your body with goodness.

Therefore, it is my belief that most vegans who will forever live this lifestyle will make their own almond milk or seek out products that are not filled with crap.

Almond milk = Almonds + Water.

Secondly, if vegans don’t seek out the healthiest option (which is fair since our business lives demand so much of our precious time anyway,) it is ridiculous to even suggest that the only better alternative is to drink something that is completely unnatural for us.

This video will tell you everything you need to know about milk. Everything comes from medical journals, everything is FACT! It isn’t propaganda, it isn’t fabricated for a booming business, it is simply the truth.

If humans really thought about things logically and were not clouded by fear of becoming something wacky (I am wacky,) they would know without question the right milk to drink.

*We are the only mammal that drinks milk beyond our infancy.
*We are the only mammal that drinks another mammal’s milk. I have looked and I have yet to see a rabbit suck an elephant’s tit!
*Cow’s milk is for baby cows just like human milk is for baby humans.
*Cow’s milk is designed to aid in the growth of a calf which doubles its size in 45 days, whereas we take 180 days.

Vegans have been regularly accused of being judgemental and critical. A famous plant-based cook Deliciously Ella decided to air her thoughts on vegans publicly in The Telegraph newspaper in January.

*I have so much to say on this issue and I have done so for the past 4 days that I am moving on, she is not worth my precious time and there are far more beautiful people to be inspired by than someone who steps on minority groups to reach the top.

However, real vegans are neither judgemental or critical, we are passionate and driven.

When you finally see the light, when you realise you have been lied to by corporations to make money, you can’t quite believe that others don’t see it too and in the process of trying to wake them up you seem arrogant. Put that together with the fact that people don’t actually want to know the truth and don’t want to change and you have a formula for disaster.

From here on forth, I will be more proud of what I am but I will also be more patient and open to questions and learning.

What I ask is that people don’t believe everything they read, there is a huge amount of propaganda against the vegan movement because we simply cost corporations lots of money.

Veganism in this day and age isn’t a piece of cake, it’s easier than before but it’s still work. Everywhere we go we have to seek out things to eat so we don’t compromise our lifestyle. But we don’t live this life to be difficult, it is something we must do so that we can find peace.

The Vegans are coming… open your heart and your fridge.

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