Activists are running out of things to do to get the authorities to do something after more than 150 animals have died since 2009 at the Sonora Ecological Centre.

Approximately 600 animals remain in the nearly 2 million square metre zoological park.

A petition has been launched asking the government to save the surviving animals and transfer them to another park.

The petition claims that the conditions the animals are forced to live in have been vastly documented over the years but authorities are just not doing enough.

According to investigations by officers of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa), the animals are filthy, neglected, surviving off eating dead animals and faeces, and they don’t receive any kind of medical care. Some of the animals were killed by feral dogs and cats and others are caged in spaces too small for them. They also recorded animals who didn’t have the proper documentation for place of origin.

And this has been going on for years supposedly for lack of funds. Some workers claim companies are not being paid to provide food for the animals and people are not getting paid to do their jobs.

“It’s a shame that a place with such nice areas causes pain, shame and tears to those who visit it,” the petition concludes.

Profepa has been asking the park to take actions to ensure the health and welfare of the animals, but the requests were never met.

“The mere fact that the animals are in a zoo is abuse, we know that many of them were born in captivity and returning them to their natural habitat would mean death for them, but they’re already there and everything possible must be done to ensure they are in the best conditions,” said one activist.

“These issues only become news when something bad happens and the government doesn’t do anything for the animals’ benefit. Concrete and effective actions are needed by the government for these issues to reach society because we are far behind culturally in matters of animal respect.”



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