A dog was found buried alive in Toa Alta, Puerto Rico last week and rescued by a passer-by who saw two men in a pick-up truck dump a mountain of dirt she though was just filling but then saw something moving and went to check it out.

The dog, now named Zeus, was immediately taken to the San Miguel Veterinary Clinic in Bayamón by rescuer Milagros Claudio were experts said he was used as bait to train fighting dogs and he was in a very delicate condition.

The Big Dog Rescue Foundation took responsibility for the dog who was diagnosed with severe malnutrition, anaemia and presented several infections with pus and worms.

The abuse was too much for Zeus to endure and he passed away two days later on Sunday morning.

“The doctor went to the clinic, drew blood to monitor his platelets and haemoglobin and minutes later Zeus passed away in shock… our warrior has left,” said president of the Big Dog Rescue Foundation Gizel Baez.

“We hope that the story of Zeus will become an example and people will start reporting clandestine dog fights. Will see what legacy Zeus leaves behind,” said Baez to Primera Hora.



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  • Travis J


  • Jossie Moran

    Esto no puede quedar sin consecuencias para las personas que lo hicieron. Tienen que ir presos!! Si lo hicieron una vez, pueden hacerlo otra vez. Hay que hacer justicia para este inocente animal.

  • Joyce A. Hammon

    So incredibly sad….Rest in Peace Zeus….I loathe animal abuser’s! Hope they find the monster’s who did this!!!

  • CrazyAuntJane

    Just EVIL!

  • Starr White

    Poor baby to bad they didn’t get the license plate number of the truck :(

  • http://www.NorthCountyDogTraining.net/ North County Dog Training

    RIP Zeus, Rest in pain and terror people that did this.

  • Steve Hodges

    what do you expect in a third world backward savage infested country animal lives are cheap

    • LoLa

      You sound so ignorant right now. It’s not the time or venue. Educate yourself.

  • caMORON’s enemy

    I want a law passed worldwide that anyone involved in dog fighting should be executed because I want these evil people removed from earth.

  • tk

    I hope the Mother fuckers who did this get what’s coming to them in the worst way!

  • Carmen

    What goes around, comes around. Rest in peace in heaven Zeus. There you are in no more pain and you are loved completely.

  • Colette

    Beautiful little man.. R.I.P… you were cared for at the end.. Amen

  • MellowCat

    Dog fighters are subhuman filthy shitbags that need to be exterminated en masse. This poor dog is one of so many that these sociopaths torture because they can. Death to dogfighting trash.

  • Jacqueline Daly

    RIP Zeus, and may you get justice. Karma will take care of the scum that did this.

  • Vera Wirianta Yates

    I really think anyone that get involves in dog fighting should get capital punishment. Only human could be this cruel.

  • pittbulllove102000@yahoo.com

    so did they find the people who are doing this… Im sure its not the first time… any Jail time.. updates for us!!

  • pittbulllove102000@yahoo.com

    you should have already Had laws.. so this will stop sounds to me like NOT a damn things being done..NOTHing.. did you tell your animal RIght law NEvermind..lol joke