Being vegan is getting easier by the day, especially if you live in Europe or North America where you can have a wide variety of vegan products from different places delivered straight to your door.

While most people still rather get their fruits and veggies personally from the local supermarket or veggies store, vegan ‘meats’ and ‘cheeses’ are harder to come-by and we should take advantage of the internet.

I have gathered the best pages and the only pages you need for a balanced, varied and most importantly yummy vegan diet.


Goodness Direct is the first one I’m going for as you can get almost everything you need there, and they offer a vegan filter you can choose to only see vegan options to buy, making your shopping experience incredibly easy.

Goodness has a wide variety of vegan products which include frozen cheesecakes and ice cream, wraps and calzones, pies, pastys and pizzas, pates, spreads and slices, burgers, sausages and mince, and more.

If you want to take advantage of the delivery, Goodness also sells cereals, pasta, rice, bakery items, mushrooms, nuts, olives and the list goes on.

A recommended meal from Goodness you should try is Amy’s vegan mac & cheese with Vbites fish style fingers and Shambhu’s mix berries cheesecake for dessert.


Moving on, for an easier shop you can also visit Ocado. As well as being able to buy everything you buy at the supermarket, at Ocado’s you can find plenty of vegan options, specially Fry’s for all your meat substitutes and Vbites for the slices.

Ocado also has a vegan filter you can click on, but it doesn’t work 100 percent so if not sure if something is vegan you should better Google it.

Now for all the unnecessary and delicious vegan shopping!


First off is Veggie World, definitely a must-buy once in a while. You will not find a better chicken substitute than here (the vegan half chicken). You can also buy rolls, hot dogs, burgers, and more. They name everything either vegan or vegetarian, so make sure to check the name properly.

The only downside to this website is that you can’t pay on the site, they’ll send you an email once they have checked their stock and you’ll have to go into your online banking account and make a transfer. After the first time you will have the number saved on your banking account so it will much easier. You can also pay by phone if preferred.


To get extras such as chocolates, spreads, honey and chorizos, you should visit the Vegan Store. They don’t always have everything in stock so it’s a bit of a hit and miss sometimes, but still worth it. I definitely recommend Chocoreale hazelnut spread, Sweet Freedom choc shot and their honey, the Topas gran chorizo, Vantastic Food grated cheese and the Soyatoo spray cream.


Now for the ‘you won’t believe it’s vegan’ products, you must visit German website Alles Vegetarisch. Don’t be put off about not knowing German because with Google Translate now it doesn’t matter. Thank you Mr Google! Germany, like the US, are on the lead on amazing and delicious vegan products. On this website you will find burgers, fish, sausages, stuffed pasta, cheese, slices, spreads, chocolate and sweets and more.


You can also find some of these products on amazing London-based store Vegan Cross. They sell amazing brands such as Dayia and Tofurkey (both must-trys!). On their website you will also find delicious biscuits, palmiers and omelette-mix. They don’t sell everything they have on their store online, which is a shame, so if you have time you can also visit the shop located 5 minutes from King’s Cross where you will also find amazing take-away food such as nachos with cheese and also delicious patisserie bakes such as eclairs. They also sell clothing and shoes.


Our last online recommendation is Sweet Expectations, ‘the only traditional sweet shop fully approved by the Vegetarian Society.’ Due to high demand they created a vegan sweets section on the menu with plenty of pick and mix options all suitable for vegans. Amazing!

If you are on a hurry someday and in urgent need of food, you can always pop into a Holland & Barrett or a Food for Thought store located pretty much everywhere where you can find plenty of Fry’s, Vbites and VioLife, among others (The VeggieBears I recently discovered at Food for Thought are highly recommendable!)

And obviously Whole Foods, where once in a while you can find things being (very very almost) uniquely sold here, like Tofurkey Vegan Feast which came on the market for Christmas last year and I tried it for the first time. Simply amazing.


To end the post lets not forget our beloved dogs! You can find almost everything you need at Veggie Pets. A variety of vegan dog foods both dry and wet, organic and not. And also chews, biscuits, crunchies and bites. They also sell some dog toys and accessories.

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