Sissy’s owner Nancy had to be hospitalized for a cancer-related surgery, so when over a week had passed Sissy missed her so much she escaped from home and walked all the way to the hospital to visit her.

Sissy and Barney, both miniature schnauzers, were adopted by Nancy Fanck and her husband Dale from Cedar Rapids some 10 years ago.

Nancy had to remain in the Mercy Medical Center after some complications during the surgery. Sissy decided to pay Nancy a visit after too many days had passed so on Friday night she walked the 20 blocks to the hospital and entered the lobby.

When Dale Franck noticed Sissy was missing he got very scared and texted Sara. “I was scared to death… I was crying. I’m sorry but, that’s my baby,” he told on an interview with Iowa Public Radio’s Talk of Iowa.

After a few hours, hospital security called him at around 5 in the morning saying they had Sissy who was caught running around in the lobby. The whole family was very surprised Sissy found her way to Nancy since she had no idea where Nancy was and had never been to the hospital with hem before.

After a short convincing from Sara, staff let her bring Sissy to her mother for a short while before taking her home again.

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