Stray dogs in Karachi, Pakistan are being killed by authorities in a mass cull due to ‘large numbers of strays’ and the fact that Pakistan is still one of the countries battling against rabies.

City officials started killing stray dogs 3 years ago when the municipality thought the increasing number of strays was starting to be a concern after receiving several dog bite complaints.

Officials could be seen laying out the dead bodies in the street, then dumping them in a truck and taking them away to be thrown with the trash.

According to the Tribune of Pakistan, the animals are either shot dead or fed poisoned meat.

A similar cull initiative is done in Lahore and other cities across the country every year, where thousands strays are killed to prevent biting incidents and the spread of rabies, even though there are no studies that suggest that the method works and the World Health Organizations recommends against it and proposes instead massive vaccination programs.

According to unofficial data, over 150,000 dog-bite cases are reported each year, of which up to 5,000 end up in death.

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