A 21-year-old man was filmed while throwing himself into a frozen lake to save a homeless dog in Moscow.

According to local media, the man who shot the video, KP, was driving when he noticed three guys with a broken car and stopped to help them out. While talking they heard a dog howling and then they spotted him in the middle of the lake trying to get out.

One of the three guys, Ivan, then proceeded to quickly take off his clothes, jump into the water and swim towards the struggling dog breaking the ice as he got along. When he reached the dog he took him under his arm and brought him back to shore. Sadly, the dog got scared once in land and ran away.

The men then went to buy vodka to keep Ivan warm and to their surprise, the dog was there at the grocery store. They bought the vodka plus some sausages for the dog. Ivan thought it was like a sign that the dog was there so he decided to keep him and named him Rex.

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