Bella. Pig Pelley


A Labrador-Husky mix got her paw stuck in a trap while out on a walk in Labrador, NL, and broke 16 teeth trying to brake free.

Peg Pelley was out walking her dog Whiskey and her daughter’s dog Bella near her home on November last year just like she normally does, but when it was time to go home Bella didn’t came when called.

She heard Bella crying out and with the help of a passerby they found Bella with her front left paw stuck in a trap.

“She was chewing on the trap trying to get out of it. So I got down there and I held her head away from the trap and John did everything in the world to try to get the trap open and of course we were both very upset and she was crying and he couldn’t get it open. There’s no way he could get it open,”

John Hudson had to go get tools to free Bella and even then it was a very difficult task. They freed Bella eventually and took her to the vet who after an initial examination found Bella had broken a lot of teeth biting the metal.

The story became popular on social media and the Pelleys received a very generous donation of $2,000 from the Humane Society International in Canada to help pay the $3,000 surgery.

Luckily now Bella has finally made a full recovery. “Her personality is back. She’s getting back to normal,” said Pelley.

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