In Tokyo, researchers have managed to successfully place a goat foetus in a synthetic womb for continued gestation. This means the goat was able to grow without the need of a healthy mother which is a profound scientific accomplishment and with some alterations can be transferred to humans eventually, giving women who are biologically unable to carry a baby the opportunity to reproduce.

The baby will have the same genetics, as well as the father’s of course, rather than being non-biologically related.

There is a great possibility that this may become another alternative to fertility treatments like IVF, Surrogacy, or AI.

Additionally, the ability to gain access to the growing foetus without the need for disruptive surgery means that defects can be corrected before birth, and most importantly before the issue has chance to fully develop.

This can lower the risks of long-term health issues or, like in many cases where surgery is needed directly after birth, the shortening of the babies life span.

Being a controversial topic, reproductive rights and the abortion debate is brought up as swiftly as you can say ‘placenta’.

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