People for Cattle in India have rescued two monkeys, one of them a baby, from performing in the streets for money in Chennai thanks to a tip off.

“After a tip off on 7th Feb late evening by 10 pm, People For Cattle in India rescued one more monkey aged less than a year near the Marina beach from a group of people,” Cattle of India (PFCI) wrote on their Facebook Page.

“The monkey was harassed, cruelly treated & abused by being tied with a metal rope & were made to beg by these people. One among the two monkeys had his ears pierced with a metal ring. The monkeys looked famished, starved, dehydrated and weak. The people who had these monkeys fled the place when police arrived.”

Even though it’s illegal for people to buy monkeys to beg, baby monkeys are still being sold for up to 1,000 rupees due to lack of law enforcement.

“Separating an infant monkey from its mother is tough. In most cases, handlers either poison the mother or inflict it with severe injuries. Even after being rescued it’s tough to released them back into the wild as they are unable to adapt,” G Arun Prasanna of People for Cattle told the Times of India.

The monkeys were given some food and water and were later handed to the Wildlife Department where they will be rehabilitated until ready for their release into the wild.

The PFCI has rescued 15 monkeys in the past 8 months, including two other baby monkeys from Marina beach just three days earlier on 4 February.


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