Lions at Gaza zoo. FOUR PAWS

International animal rescue organization Four Paws is building a wildlife sanctuary in Jordan with the help of the Princess Alia Foundation that will be the new home of the three lions they rescued last year from starving in Gaza zoo.

The new sanctuary, 140-hectares located in a natural forest in northern Jordan, will be called ’Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife’ and will provide 12 species-appropriate enclosures where rescued animals can live the rest of their lives free and in peace.

Several animals are already patiently waiting at the New Hope Centre near Amman for their new homes to be finished. Three of those animals are the lions rescued from Gaza zoo last September by Four Paws’ emergency team.

Gaza zoo was severely affected by the conflict and over 80 animals died due to air strikes. The approx. 30 surviving animals were left abandoned for days, living off the little food and water neighbours brought them. Most cages were damaged and the water supply was broken.

Four Paws had to work with Egyptian authorities and local NGOs to get an emergency team to the zoo asap, they brought antibiotics, disinfectants and de-worming medication and started repairing the pipes to get running water again.

A couple of weeks later the lions were transported to Jordan to live on temporary enclosures while the sanctuary is being built. The remaining animals still at the zoo include monkeys, wolves, ostriches, pelicans, birds of prey, and a crocodile.

The three lions have all been vaccinated and the two male ones will also be vasectomised.

Please consider making a donation to help Four Paws build the home rescued animals truly deserve. Click here to donate.

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