Four more men have been convicted on charges of animal cruelty in California after an undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals at Ontario Livestock Sales was released in May 2012.

Jose Orozco, Manuel Orozco, Carlos Rodriguez-Contreras and Alejandro Herrera were sentenced to 2 years probation and were ordered to pay $250 each to the Inland Valley Humane Society and an extra $235 each in fines, reported MFA.

The workers were filmed by an undercover investigator kicking and beating the animals. The investigator also discovered sick and injured animals weren’t receiving any sort of treatment and were just left there to suffer until they died; animals being forced to live in such small spaces that they often had to stand on each other; sick and injured animals were seen kicked, pushed and dragged into transport trucks to be sold; baby goats being picked up by their necks and tossed around; birds stuffed into bags.

“California law prohibits auctions from selling or holding “downed” animals who are too sick or injured to walk. Yet, at this auction, these animals were sold, transported and left to suffer and die for extended periods of time,” MFA wrote.

The auction owner and two other workers were also convicted of animal cruelty last year.

For more information about the case, please visit the MFA’s investigation website

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