Over 9,000 dead farm animals had to be removed by Aragon authorities after the Ebro river broke its banks in Spain last week and flooded 20,000 hectares in the region with waters reaching as high as 6.10 meters.

The gathering and transportation of 9,000 bodies, including cows, pigs sheep, horses and some pets, ended on Sunday. Some 300 calves couldn’t be removed because the farm is still largely surrounded by water and the assigned cleaning trucks can’t get to the animals. Instead, the bodies were taken to a dry hilltop in the farm and were covered in quicklime until removal.

The 9,000 removed animals belonged to farms in Gallur, Boquiñeni, Remolinos, Nuez de Ebro, Villafranca de Ebro.

The number also includes pets belonging to farms in Nuez de Ebro, Alfajarín y Alfocea.

In a video shared by PACMA (Spain’s Party Against Animal Abuse), hundreds of dying and/or wounded pigs can be seen frantically trying to escape from the imminent disaster.

PACMA states they contacted Aragon’s Ministry of Livestock, Environmental Agencies, the Civil Guard’s Nature Protection Agency and all emergency services, but no one helped rescue the animals.

The Party is now working with experts and specialists in the development of an evacuation protocol so that images like these will never happen again.

All images by PACMA








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