A dog was rescued in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco, Mexico after a group of young men sprayed gasoline on him and set him on fire for fun.

The dog, Kadafi, was apparently abandoned by his owner last month and was living in the streets, eating and drinking from what neighbours gave him.

Animal rescuer Moisés Catedral reported the incident on his Facebook page in the hopes to find those responsible for such horrible cruelty.

Kadafi suffered severe burns throughout his entire body and face and sadly he couldn’t survive them despite receiving urgent medical attention.

Animal welfare organizations Justicia y Dignindad Animal (Animal Justice and Dignity), Adopta Guadalajara (Guadalajara Adopts) and Red Pro Gato (Pro Cats Network) reported the incident to the authorities and two days after Kadafi passed away a man was arrested.

The man also had 16 other dogs in deplorable conditions.



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  • Travis J

    How sick of mind must you be to watch a burning live animal and actually enjoy it? I can’t even imagine

  • FancyME

    so is any body going to put them in jail and charge them as an adult.. with Felony charges.. NO ONE GET away this anymore.. please have updates we will alll be waiting.. thankyou