Mexican authorities found 40 wild animals dead and frozen during a raid in a property in Monterrey after reports from neighbours that endangered species were being sold in the property.

Officers also found 12 animals still alive but severely malnourished and living in very poor conditions, with no access to water or food and were being forced to live cramped in cages. They were sent to zoo La Pastora for veterinary treatment.

The animals were being sold on different websites and via social media.

The frozen animals included 17 ball pythons, 4 Burmese pythons, 3 water monitor lizards, 2 swamp crocodiles, 2 sugar gliders, 2 grey squirrels, 2 black-tailed prairie dogs, 2 kestrels, 2 red eye tree frogs, 1 squirrel monkey, 1 cotton eared marmoset, 1 moustached parakeet and 1 corn snake.

The still alive ones were 6 desert tortoise, 2 blue macaws, 2 monk parakeets, 1 sun parakeet and 1 chinchilla.

The illegal possession of animals is punishable by up to 9 years in prison and 3,000 days of minimum wage in Mexican law. An extra 3 years in prison and up to 1,000 additional days of minimum wage are added when the commercial purposes are involved.

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