Four men have been sentenced to three years each over the brutal killing of a dog last month.

Three men and the owner of Max, Mohammed el-Sayed, were having an argument over 4 months ago and Sayed let Max loose on them to scare them away when they came to assault him. Max, wanting to defend his owner, bit eight people.

The men filed a report against him and Sayed left his home. “I was afraid the police might come and arrest me,” he said. However, he returned three months later to file a report against the men when they attacked his sister in revenge.

A meeting was set for reconciliation with the condition that the dog be surrendered to kill. “I tried to convince them to rethink their decision and not harm the dog, but they refused to relent,” said Sayed.

“Max was a kind and obedient dog,” Mohamed el-Sayed told the Dream TV Channel. He added that he had bought Max a year ago and that “it was a well trained, lovely dog who never harmed anyone.”

The incident went viral accross the country after a video surfaced on social media at the end of last month showing the brutal killing, which triggered protests by animal rights groups and animal lovers demandeingjustice.

The video shows the dog tied to a street lamp and the men stabbing him with knives and then hitting him with a metal pole, all in front of onlookers.

Now, the three men and Sayed were all charged with violating laws regulating animal slaughter, causing public panic and unlicensed possession of weapons.


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  • Fancyme

    Thank you for putting those men in jail for 3 years for killilng the dog.. Thankyou.. poor dog.. so evil .. Thankyou ….