Breeder Angela Gobin, 41, from Cramlington, was finally found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal after she left mum Bella in labour for 4 days last year before taking her to the vets, resulting in Bella’s collapse and the death of 11 puppies.

The 6-year-old Bull Mastiff had emergency surgery after days in agony. Vets found two maggots inside a very infected abdomen and four more dead puppies.

The court heard Gobin didn’t even know at first that Bella was pregnant and that she only took her when she vomited four days later.

“It was Friday morning when the defendant phoned the vets,” said prosecutor Denise Jackman.

“This dog was in labour for at least 84 hours and there’s stopping and starting and presenting of live puppies and dead puppies.

“The defendant claims she wasn’t concerned because, on the face of it, the dog was still eating and drinking and going to the toilet.

“There’s not even a call to the vets to say ‘I have got this issue, what do you advise?’.

“The defendant has got experience breeding puppies, she tells us she’s had 14 litters before.

“The prosecution would say it is not acceptable for a dog to be in labour for that length of time without intervention.”

Gobin, a former Army officer cadet, was released on bail and will be sentenced later this month.

It’s not the first time Gobin has been in trouble for animal abuse. Back in 2005 she was banned from owning horses for 5 years after an old horse had died from starvation two years earlier.

Three years later in 2008 she was fined for noise pollution after her neighbours complained of the constant barking of her 7 Bull Mastiffs.

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  • mongibello

    A life ban on owning animals…….nothing less.