Animal lovers attacked a Chinese restaurant in Iquique, Chile after pictures began circulating on social media of a dog hanging in the back patio of the restaurant.

Local residents organized a protest against the restaurant, Sol Oriental, where besides shouting slogans against Fabio Hua Fang, the restaurant owner, they also threw eggs and stones at the restaurant’s windows and graffitied the walls with things such as “We don’t want you, Chinaman. Go away!”

Protestants tried to rescue the dog’s body but were stopped by authorities who came to control the situation.

Officers have launched an investigation to see if the dog’s death is a case of animal abuse.

Hua Fang defended himself saying it was an accident that the dog ended up hanged because the rope was too short and the dog got entangled.

It is not the first time that Hua Fang has been accused of animal abuse. In 2010, he castrated a dog, known as Clinton by the neighbours, with a machete without any type of anaesthesia for having mated with his dog without permission.

Clinton was lucky and received urgent medical attention and survived.

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  • Travis J

    Hope they find him guilty